Orthodontist Insurance For Adults

Today’s Question of the Day is “Different types of Insurances fo Braces?”

First of all there are two major types of insurances, PPO’s, and State Medicaid. With PPO’s such as Delta, or MetLife it is best to call your provider directly for information. Sometimes there are certain age restrictions, such as no one past the age of 19 will be covered by so and so insurance. You also have to pay attention to your limit, as with Orthodontic work rather than being refilled yearly, there is an over-all amount, say 2,000$ lifetime maximum possibly even no coverage, keep in mind that Dental Insurance does NOT equate Orthodontic coverage. PPO’s also allow you the choice of what type of braces you would like to get, be it metal braces or Invisalign or ceramic braces, and work with your payment plans set up by the doctor. Medicaid however offers no choice, you must recieve metal braces, and the procedure must be deemed medically necessary by a Doctor working for Medicaid. Always make sure to find an Orthodontist for your procedure, and there is never anything wrong with seeking a second or even third opinion if you are not satisfied by the information you receive.

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